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Close your eyes and think of your favorite holiday. Some of the first things that come to mind are most likely waking up early on Christmas morning to presents under the tree, staying up late at night trying to finish all of your Halloween candy in the costume that you slaved over all month long, or sitting around the table with family stuffing your face with all of your favorite home-cooked meals. While these are the holidays we all know and love, there are many more holidays out there that are interesting, funny, and just plain weird. Naturally, we had to compile some unusual holidays so that you can add them on your list of things to celebrate. 

First up on the calendar is “National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day” celebrated on January 22. Cats are peculiar creatures and this day was created to remind owners to spend the day to get to know their cat more. According to Holiday’s Calendar, here are a few interesting cat facts to help you celebrate this holiday: 

  1. A group of cats is a clowder.
  2. Cats were first introduced in the U.S. as a form of pest control.
  3. Lastly, cats have the ability to recognize individual human voices.  

Next up? “National Public Sleeping Day” recognized on February 28. While the origin of this holiday is actually unknown, it is believed to have started out as a joke that slowly turned into a national holiday overtime. The premise of this holiday is simple and plainly stated in the title: Sleep outside, in public. Will you be joining in?

Do you ever stay up late at night thinking about all of the awkward things you have done that you wish you could undo? Well now you have a full day to celebrate all of those embarrassing moments. March 18 marks “National Awkward Moments Day.” The main idea of this holiday is not to necessarily avoid awkward moments, but learn how to live through them. We know which awkward moment to celebrate in 2023! Do not worry, we will cue you in on the secret. A few months back, our co-founder, Kate, was having some issues with the driver’s side door of her car. Eventually, it stopped working altogether and she had to climb through the passenger’s side and over the center console to go anywhere. To our amusement, we found out that many of our clients witnessed this interaction while she was coming to and from meetings. We cannot wait to celebrate this awkward moment and more come March!

April 4 rings in “National Find a Rainbow Day.” Just kidding, that is actually April 3!  April 4 is “National Tell a Lie Day.” However, this holiday is not meant for big lies that can cause damage. This day is more for those little white lies that serve more as pranks. Looking for a safe way to celebrate this day? Turn to a game that relies on lying such as Poker or Two Truths and a Lie to get to know your friends better. 

Celebrate we will! “National Talk Like Yoda Day” on May 21. Yoda is the beloved tiny, green Star Wars character who is known for his distinct way of talking. On this day, remember Yoda’s famous quote “Do or do not. There is no try”.   

If you love taking your dog on a walk, get ready for this one! “National Take Your Pants For A Walk Day” is celebrated on July 27. This holiday is so simple that you almost cannot help but celebrate it! All you have to do is put on a pair of pants and go on a walk. Will you join us in observing this holiday this year?

OCTOBER 22 IS “NATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY.” This day was invented to make fun of those people who seem to always have their caps lock on, whether on purpose or unintentional. Looking to mess with the friend that seems to celebrate this holiday everyday? Do not miss out on the opportunity on October 22!

December 8 is “National Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day”. Celebrate this day by tuning into one of these classic time travel movies: “Back to the Future,” “The Time Machine,” “Interstellar,” and “Edge of Tomorrow.”

One of our personal favorite holidays is “Festivus!” This Holiday is known from its appearance on the hit TV show, “Seinfeld” and is celebrated on December 23. According to Holiday’s Calendar, here are the customs that come along with Festivus:

  1. Instead of a Christmas tree, the centerpiece for this holiday is a bare, aluminum pole. 
  2. The traditional dinner for this Holiday is meatloaf and spaghetti. 
  3. Immediately after dinner is the airing of grievances. This is a time for family members to state what they don’t like about each other and state their disappointments from the past year. 
  4. Next, we have the feats of strength challenge which is when the head of the household challenges someone at the table to a wrestling match.It is said the Holiday is not officially over until the head of the household’s head is pinned in the wrestling match. 
  5. Finally, we have the last element: The miracles. The miracles can be anything and must be proclaimed at the dinner table. 

We hope these funky holidays give you a few more reasons to celebrate this year! Add them to your calendar and join in on the fun alongside our office!


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