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Have you ever had the feeling that the wheels are turning, but your thoughts and ideas are going nowhere? We have all been there: Starring creative burnout right in the face. You pour so much into something you love, and eventually, your creative cup runs dry. At Peppr, we understand how frustrating these seasons can be. This is why we’re bringing you a few tips and tricks that we try to implement when it comes to getting burnt out.

First, it is important to note that creative burnout happens to those who care. Brand Link Media says that creative burnout is not just normal, but very common. Statistics from a recent study show that 94% of people in creative roles between the ages of 18 to 34 experience burnout within their career (5 Causes of Creative Burnout). There is not one end-all-be-all answer to why you may experience creative burnout. However, factors such as perfectionism, self-doubt, and not having boundaries might be related to what you are experiencing. 

Do not worry, not all hope is lost when it comes to gaining back your spark and refilling your creative cup. Find time to let yourself breathe. Saying “no” is not easy, but creating room to allow yourself time to separate from your work identity is more important than you may think. Knowing what defines you is essential in combating burnout. Finding your validation in so much more than your work, reputation, and ideas gives you stability when burnout strikes. 

Another way to combat burnout is finding time to partake in the activities that you enjoy. Take time to go to the movies, go for a walk, and get back to your roots from time to time. Doing things for the sake of enjoyment, with no pressure on producing an end result, is pivotal when it comes to finding inspiration. The activities you choose to be a part of do not always have to create a “light bulb” moment. Enjoying what you love, without the added pressure, can help boost your mood and foster creativity. 

When facing creative burnout, our team wants to encourage you by stressing the fact that it is only seasonal. Feeling creatively uninspired does not last forever. Your value is in more than your ideas, and your value does not lie in your work or creativity. We are rooting for you, and we cannot wait to see what you go out and create!


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